2GB – Rapsberry Pi 4B 2GB ram

The below picture shows the items you will buy

Pi 4B 2GB

Here for sale is my fully working 2GB ram Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.4 with cables and power supply etc as shown

Includes a fitted Fanless Aluminium Armour Case for efficient passive heat dissipation
Includes 16GB microSD card freshly loaded with PiOS 64bit, so it’s ready to power on (see photograph and details below)
Includes MicroHDMI cable and 3Amp Original Pi power supply
All above purchased by me in the UK from The PiHut and are the total scope of supply.

To allow the pi to boot immediately on receipt, I have left the loaded sdcard inserted in the Pi. The Pi will boot to desktop using the MicroHDMI cable or to the command line if you decide to run headless over ssh. The regular required commands ‘sudo apt update’ and ‘sudo apt upgrade’ were completed 5 December 2022 thus the PiOS64 is fully up to date.
SSH is already enabled. Use ‘ssh pi@192.168.W.XYZ’ in a ‘terminal window’ allowing you to run headless [but first find the allocated url on your network with Angry IP Scanner or interrogate your router]
user pi
password raspberry

NOTE The Pi can with additional equipment boot any compatible SSD connected to one of the USB3 ports with the use of a separately purchased connector cable such as StarTech USB3S2SAT3CB. To be clear (my SSD and connector cable are NOT for sale, my screen is NOT for sale, my mouse and keyboard are NOT for sale as all of these are in use on other equipment.
Remember other operating systems can be loaded onto the sdcard or directly to a usb3 sata drive/cable combination directly using Pi_Imager — search https://www.raspberrypi.com/software for all the free software.

Below shows my TV screen indicating some of the pi’s information

Pi 4B 2GB info

To further your hobby when you buy this Pi I recommend that you take a look at https://www.pi-hosted.com. The pi-hosted website and it’s associated youtube videos will allow you to set up docker and then use containers (referred as Apps on the webpage) the list of Apps is extremely impressive. You can have many Apps running at the same time on a single Pi.

I have been obsessed with Raspberry Pi’s since the pandemic started – I have two Pi zero’s for cameras, one Pi 3 for an oscilloscope, one pi 3B+ presently not in use, and one Pi4B – 4GB which is running my website directly from my home. I cannot use them all at once so I need to downsize my ‘Pi stable’ – hence the two additional Pi’s which are for sale.

I could sell them to CEX in Hinckley but then they will double the price and offer for sale on their website check their site https://uk.webuy.com type in “Raspberry Pi 4B” and check what you can save by buying mine.

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NOTE as soon as the item is sold this web page will be deleted